The four types of alcohol are ethyl, denatured, isopropyl and rubbing. The one we know and love best is ethyl alcohol, also known as ethanol or grain alcohol.. It is made by fermenting sugar and yeast and is used in beer, wine, and spirits. Ethyl alcohol is also produced synthetically.

Gin is a spirit made from juniper berries. It can contain between 35 and 55% vol. %. The alcohol concentration in brandy ranges from 35 to 60%. For example, a famous brandy, cognac, has 40% vol..

Whiskey is a spirit made from fermented grain. The alcohol content of whiskey ranges from 40 to 50%. Rum, a distilled beverage made from fermented sugar cane or molasses, has a typical alcohol concentration of 40%. Some of the rum is “overdense”, which means that it has an alcohol concentration of at least 57.5% vol..

Most overdense rum exceeds this minimum and typically reaches 75.5% vol., which is 151 proof. Tequila is a type of liquor. The main ingredient in tequila is the Mexican agave plant.. The alcohol concentration of tequila is typically around 40%.

Vodka, a liqueur usually made from fermented grain and potatoes, has a standard alcohol concentration of 40% vol in the USA.. Absinthe is a spirit that is made from a variety of leaves and herbs. There is no evidence that absinthe is a hallucinogen, but it has a high concentration of alcohol. Some forms of absinthe have about 40% by volume, while others have up to 90%.

Everclear, a grain-based spirit, is another drink with a high alcohol concentration. The minimum alcohol content of Everclear is 60%, but Everclear can also contain 75.5% and 95% vol. %. Alcohol comes in many forms and flavors. In general, the liqueur starts out as fermented ingredients that are distilled.

Fermentation converts sugar into alcohol. Excess water is then removed by distillation to achieve a higher alcohol concentration. Aging in wooden barrels can develop the color and flavor of a liqueur over time, although not every spirit goes through this process.. As one of the more complex categories of spirits, whiskey includes a wide variety of spirits.. Scotch, bourbon and whiskey all come under the umbrella of whiskey.


place of creation of the spirit is part of what determines the different names. Scotch and whiskey come from Scotland, while bourbon is made in America. The ingredients and other rules also play a role in naming. Bourbon rules help distinguish it from scotch and whiskey, but whatever you drink depends on preference.

If you use whiskey in cocktails, choose a variety that matches your taste and the flavor profile of the entire drink. The following is a list of some classic mixed drinks with whiskey. The classic liquor comes from all over the world, but only the cognac region in France can create the brandy counterpart. No matter which one you use, you’re sure to create a classic cocktail with a complex and fruity flavor profile..

Unlike brandy, vodka does not usually age and the color remains clear. You will find vodkas with an alcohol content of 40 to 50%. As one of the most popular types of schnapps today, vodka can be an important ingredient in almost any beverage.. Thanks to the neutral taste of vodka, its uses range from simple to complex, and are combined with one ingredient to several other liqueurs.

While vodka is available in a variety of flavors, these mixed drinks use the standard form and add more flavors. Play with different flavors of vodka that suit your taste and add a dimension to these and other cocktails. Because vodka is such a versatile and neutral liquor, keep it in your cupboard. Different aging processes produce different types of rums.

Light rum does not age, while dark rum matures in oak barrels. The typical alcohol content is around 40%, although over-dense varieties can reach up to 75%. Use these different rums to make cocktails like the ones listed below. You can find rum distilleries all over the world, but the liquor has its origins in the Caribbean.

The roots of the spirit make it a suitable choice for tropical drinks and summer drinks. Once you’ve created rum cocktails, consider having several rums on hand.. Gin is made from neutral grains such as rye, barley, wheat and corn and remains unripened and is therefore clear as vodka. The herbal and pine-like aroma of gin comes from botanical ingredients such as juniper berries.

Cocktails made with gin don’t usually have many other ingredients because the spirit already has more flavor than the other types of spirits.. Despite its herbal taste, most people don’t consume gin directly, as you can do with other spirits. The clear liquid is a worldwide favorite and usually ranges from 35 to 40% alcohol content. Tequila, another liqueur made from something other than grain, comes from the heart of an agave plant as soon as distilleries bake and juice it..

Like other spirits, tequila comes in many varieties, depending on the aging process it goes through.. The longer a tequila matures, the more likely it is to have a higher price. While each type of tequila can stand on its own in one shot, variations of blanco or reposado usually appear in cocktails such as the following. In the simplest terms, liqueur is a liqueur with added sweeteners and flavors..

Everything from herbs to fruits can flavor liqueurs that also have a lower alcohol content than alcohol.. Expect a range of between 15 and 30%, although the alcohol content of some liqueurs may be higher. Due to the added sweetener, liqueurs also have a syrupy consistency. An alcoholic beverage made with distilled alcohol has been around right from the start..

It started with the fermented drink and grew around fortified wine.. It now includes whiskey, brandy and other spirits made from distilled alcohol. I personally enjoy mixed drinks with lime juice or lemon juice.. Wines are sometimes seen as a refined and refined drink that comes from France..

you can get sweet wines or dry wines. Spirits are a very large category of alcoholic beverages.. Although you can add tonics, sodas, and cordials to any type of alcoholic beverage, it is far more commonly done with spirits due to their significantly increased alcohol content and intoxicating taste. You can also buy spirits that have already been pre-mixed with tonics or lemonades.

Gin has really been trendy in recent years. Gin is usually made from fermented juniper berries before. But it’s now available in an incredibly wide range of flavors.. Like beer, whiskey is also made from fermented cereal porridge such as barley, corn, rye and wheat.

It’s the distillation process it goes through that makes it taste so different from beer.. Whisky can contain between 40 and 68 percent alcohol, but is typically in the early to mid-40s.. Rum is a liqueur that is produced by fermenting and then distilling sugar cane molasses or sugar cane juice. But even though it’s made from sugar cane, it’s not always sweet.

Its taste comes from the barrels in which the rum matures.. Rum can contain between 40 and 55 percent alcohol. Vodka is a clear spirit that is usually made from potatoes and comes from Russia, Poland, and Sweden. In the USA, vodka contains an alcohol volume of 40 percent..

Tequila is a distilled drink made from the blue agave plant. Tequila can contain between 38 and 55 percent alcohol. In a fermented brew, for example, water, alcohol and some trace elements add flavor to the liquid.. With an understanding of fermentation and distillation, let’s move on to the different types of alcohol.

If you, a friend, or a loved family member are struggling with an alcohol use disorder, it’s best to contact an addiction treatment provider for help before the situation gets out of control. They are a combination of distilled alcohol and some kind of soft drink (soda, fruit juice, milk, etc.. The Alcohol Rehab Guide receives promotional payments from treatment providers that respond to chat requests on the websites and are not associated with a particular treatment provider.. Alcohol Help receives advertising payments from the treatment providers who respond to chat requests on the websites and is not associated with a specific treatment provider..

ABV is the milliliter of ethanol contained in a 100-milliliter solution of a fermented beverage, while the alcohol content is twice as high as the alcohol percentage.. There are a few other types of alcohol that you usually find behind the bar that don’t fit well into the above categories.. You can get non-alcoholic beers, non-alcoholic ciders, and even non-alcoholic cocktails known as mocktails. Isopropyl alcohol is a common component of cleaning products and is particularly suitable for sterilization..

With an average alcohol content of 55, schnapps is one of the strongest spirits. You can adjust the non-alcoholic ingredients to your liking if you prefer a weaker or stronger drink. Alcohol by volume (vol.) and alcohol detection are methods for measuring the amount of alcohol in a fermented beverage. Flavored wine is a type of fortified wine that has added natural flavors such as fruits, herbs and other plant substances. The information provided by Alcohol Rehab Guide is not a substitute for professional treatment advice..

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